Meet Liang Yuxiang. He's 61-years-old, from Chengdu, and he's a frequent participant in cross-country rally races. He's also freaking ripped.

Despite his age, he calls himself the "youngest" race car driver. He's driven through Eurasia (from Chengdu to Rome), circled Taiwan and has frequently taken part in the Taklimakan Rally, China's biggest and most extreme domestic driving competition.

We have to admit, Mr. Liang, we're impressed! And so are Chinese netizens it seems. Despite Mr. Liang poking fun at himself and saying "I'd never thought I'd be famous on the internet, especially at this age," his famed self portrait with his hot poses, V-lines and very pronounced six-pack has certainly earned him internet fame and admiration.

And he's not just a ripped body either; Mr Liang is certainly in vogue with the young generation, sharing similar hobbies of internet shopping, blogging, drifting's no wonder his famous saying is: "The elderly shouldn't just spend their lives taking care of children and square dancing!"

His new goal is to take part in the Dakar Rally, hoping to become China's oldest driver participating, Sina reports.

Photo Credit: Weibo